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Monday, June 2, 2014

Ready for #WWDC ... Creative Intersection is in the house!

We're ready and raring to go for WWDC 2014 Conference.

Chomping at the proverbial bit, if you will.

Apple WWDC14 Swag
Our Managing Director, Ian Exaudi has just picked up his attendee pack a short time ago.

It includes a snazzy jacket (all the cool kids are wearing them these days), a special edition "WWDC 25 years and coding" iTunes App Store voucher (ummm - don't think we're defiling that just for the sake of $25 in iTunes App Store credit), and the standard ticket/lanyard combo.

Pretty cool overall.

We are nerds, and we love nerds ... and it's great to see the buzz that Apple still manages to instil in their partners and staff.

Big clap to everyone just for turning up!

What does Apple have in store for us all tomorrow ?

We'll help you understand some of the ramifications of the announcements on real people, so check back throughout the week or subscribe and we'll send you a copy automagically.

Wide-angle selfie: "Hey check it out Dad ... It's full of apples!"