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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kate Jones, Campbell Newman run out of babies, fetes; visit us!

It seems that the election battle for the seat of Ashgrove (where our office is located) is continuing to simmer away as both candidates (MP Kate Jones and Queensland-Premier-Hopeful Campbell Newman) accepted our invitation to spend some time with our team and have a go at our Peer Presentations.

Those of you who follow this blog will be familiar with our Peer Presentations and their weird ability to draw interesting people to come along (Woz was our first big "get") ... so it's probably not surprising that, when we recently contacted both candidates and reminded them that neither had ever actually visited our business (after operating in the area for 10+ years), they both jumped at the chance. And why wouldn't they ? We're good fun, right?

We spent about an hour with each candidate (not at the same time - could have gotten a bit awkward); told them a bit about our industry; and presented a few new things that we have been working on ... particularly in the fields of platform-agnostic mobile applications for business, and Search Engine Optimisation / Social Media.

Kate and Campbell in turn both initially gave us the boilerplate schpiel about how we're an extremely important part of the economy etc, but then both seemed to realise that we're more relaxed environment than that and things went a little more smoothly (read: informally) thereafter.

They both answered some pretty hard-ball question flung at them from our own team of professionals, and posed some equally insightful questions themselves.

For what it's worth - and regardless of your political affiliations - both Kate and Campbell are extremely personable, highly intelligent, and had some great points to make on how they plan on making our state and local electorate better places (Kate was more locally-focused, while Campbell focused on state-issued). We appreciate their time and hope they both come back to visit us before and after the next election.

Special thanks to our great friends Paul Holstein (Brandrally), and Steve Jewell (Australian Moneymarket) for taking part as well.

It was great to - once again - have the opportunity to expand the reach of our humble Peer Presentations to include others.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Coachbuddy Soccer iPad App Released Globally

We're proud to announce that we have just released yet another new commercial app into the iTunes App Store.

The app is called "Coachbuddy" and Creative Intersection have partnered with its original creators (developed for Microsoft Windows a few years ago) to create an iPad version featuring the most highly sought-after features of the original.

Using Coachbuddy, a parent (or anyone for that matter) can track a player's movements around the field during a soccer game, including the player's interaction with the ball ... and at the end can review a comprehensive set of statistics to help understand performance and fitness etc.

An unlimited number of games can be stored and retrieved.

The free version is a "taster" and limited to 5 minutes of play at a time.

Click here to view the app in the Apple iTunes App Store.