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Saturday, November 27, 2010

iPad and iPhone Development ... Protect Your Ideas!

We get numerous inquiries from people all over Australia with their idea for the "next big thing" to hit the iPad or iPhone (and other platforms, of course) .... and for the most part they all have the same one question before we can even start talking:

"How can I protect my idea from being stolen by a development company ?"

Easy! We have Non-Disclosure Agreements (an NDA - a simple 4-page legal document) that, when signed by both parties (you and us), means that anything we discuss can be confidential and cannot be divulged to anyone else.

Our NDA's, in fact, are bi-directional ... meaning that we are also protected so we can openly throw ideas out there based on our extensive experience and know that those ideas are safe too.

All of our employees are also covered by Confidentiality Agreements with us - and this protection extends via the NDA to you.

Unlike some of the "top" iPad/iPhone Developers in Australia (Yeah - you know who you are!), we don't outsource overseas, so we have much tighter legal control over Intellectual Property (IP) that comes through our hands.

If your development company doesn't immediately offer an NDA, BEWARE! We have all heard stories of ideas suddenly turning up elsewhere after seemingly innocent discussions.

Don't let that happen to your next big idea.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Google Caffeine update - Geeeez it's FAST!!!

People talk a lot about how fast the Google Caffeine indexing system is.

Here's proof.

We just posted this blog entry on the Google Caffeine ramifications on Adwords ...

Within 15 SECONDS(!), our blog entry was the first organic result found via Google when typing in "Google Caffeine Brisbane".

Interestingly, and as we have noted on many occasions, that result will start to drop over the coming days - but it does prove one thing ... blogging and the Google Caffeine search can work very well indeed and can have almost instant cut-through.

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Interesting Google "Caffeine" Observation

Just noticed a rather interesting "feature" of the Google Caffeine system ....

Google Caffeine is the name given by Google for its new "instant results" search. You may have noticed that (at least in some browsers) as you type something in to the Google search box, you will see the page underneath change automatically and update as you type to show you increasingly tighter results.

Start typing "website design ashgrove" and by the time you get to the last part of "ashgrove" you'll start seeing very finely tuned results (the same results you would have seen after hitting "search" when you finished with the entire phrase).

The next feature of Google Caffeine is then that the page will allow you to use your arrow keys (again, on some browsers) to choose the result that you actually want to follow instead of having to place your mouse cursor over that link.

You'll see this indicated by a small arrow in the left-hand-margin next to each result. Pressing "return" on your keyboard will then follow that link.

Here's the interesting thing ...

The Adwords results (ads that come at the top and right-hand-side of the page) are the first thing selected by Caffeine for keyboard shortcuts. That means that Google is deciding what is the most relevant result FOR you ... AND ... it counts its own advertising stream in that mix.

What does that mean to you as a potential advertiser in Google ?

  1. Paying to be at the top of the Adwords results becomes more important when dealing with certain customers.
  2. Having more relevant ads showing in the top position becomes paramount ... if your ad is not relevant to a user they may still "accidentally" follow the link, which costs you money, only to have them leave immediately thereafter.
  3. Google is strengthening their revenue streams AND further blurring the borders between organic and paid results - so paid becomes more important since users will eventually tend follow suit (remember: consumers will generally keep doing whatever they get used to doing).
There is potential in everything ... and this is no different.

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