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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Reminder: The Simplest Principles of a Service Business

Many of you run service businesses - and some would argue that especially in the era of social media even product-based businesses need to think of themselves as a service business ... so to help us all get a good start to the new year, let's remind ourselves of the simplest principles of a service business:
  1. Always deliver a great product (on time and at a reasonable cost)
  2. Never compromise on that product (be careful not to lose control of your supply chain by outsourcing operationally)
  3. Never be in a hurry to sign up customers (panicked and aggressive sales tactics might work well on a subset of the population and for a period of time, but you'll earn a reputation and eventually run out of fresh meat that hasn't yet heard of your dodgy behaviour)
  4. Always treasure your customers (and don't expect that there will always be an infinite pool of new customers who blindly believe your marketing materials and media releases)
  5. Don't let your ego get in the way (remember that your customers have come to you because they are not experts in your field. Help educate them to make informed decisions and don't lecture them or speak to them like they're idiots just because they don't know the terminology)

As you're reading this, if you are one of the dreamers considering building (or extending) a business based on an app solution, I would suggest that the exact same things apply to you too. If you're in that boat, try reading the list again and imagine what your app users (customers) might like to experience from your app offering. Makes sense, doesn't it ?

Have a great year, everyone!

Ian Exaudi
Managing Director
Creative Intersection Pty Ltd