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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Infinitely scalable Google Play badge

Time to give a little something back to the community in the form of a Google Play badge that is infinitely scalable (in other words, it is a vector version).

Even though Google is one of the most recognised brands on the planet they are actually pretty terrible at managing their branding and disseminating the necessary files to the developer community to use for consistent branding (at least compared to the likes of Apple) ... and so as we were creating the artwork for a pull-up print banner (850mm x 2000mm in size) and needed a resizable "Get it on Google Play" badge that could scale up to half the width of the banner, it was nowhere to be had.

Sure, Google Play have a developer resource page that lets you create the various badges, but they only ever output as PNG files that look absolutely terrible at large size.

We had the same problem a few years ago when creating signage for our old office that needed a huge Google logo (we were doing SEO at the time).

So, we created a scalable version of the "Get it on Google Play" badge by pulling together a number of different resources. Any developers or publishers needing to create large artwork (for print, usually), feel free to take it and use it as you wish. We claim no copyright over it, but would love a hat tip via Facebook, Twitter, or an email if you find it useful.

Need a scalable version of the "Get it on Google Play" badge?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Android Pay coming to Australia in 2016

On the back of the recent launch of the Apple Pay service in Australia (tied to American Express cards only), Google have announced that they have signed up ANZ, Westpac, IGNG Direct, Bendigo Bank, Bank SA, and a number of major Aussie retailers to their Android Pay service and will be launching it in Australia sometime in the first half of 2016.

The feature-set of the Android Pay service is almost identical to the Apple Pay service, in that it works with contactless payment systems already in place at many retail locations in the form of "PayPass" and other branded services ... as well as offering app developers the ability to integrate the service into their apps for fast in-app payment for real-world items such as T-shirts, hotel bookings, etc.

Android Pay will be able to store your Mastercard and Visa credit (and debit) cards. No word on whether bank-based American Express cards (or direct Amex cards) will work.

This is all good news for app publishers because it further cements the use of the mobile phone as a method of payment and thereby provides even more opportunities to make a grab for customers' wallets at points in time that are convenient to them.

Android Pay is hitting stores in Australia in the first half of 2016 (pic courtesy of Google/Android Pay)

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Got an App Idea? Win a Free In-depth Analysis

This month we are trying something new at Creative Intersection ... A competition!

We usually provide a free meeting to come and discuss an app idea with our experts at our Milton office, and then our clients either engage us to flesh out that idea or do some more homework themselves before we can properly quote on the costs and time needed to make the idea come to life.

This month, however, we are going to try something a little different:

For every Like on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter, we'll enter you into a draw to win a 10-hour scoping project worth just under $2,000.00!

This is an awesome chance to find out if your cool idea is worth pursuing. Get in front of our app experts and get the benefit of their years of experience in designing and developing mobile and web applications.

Get Social and Win ... Like or Retweet to win a Free In-depth Analysis "Scoping" Project

The Prize:

We have a chat over a cup of coffee (or your favourite beverage), after putting in place our normal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so your idea is protected.

We meet with you for a couple of hours, getting a good understanding of what your concept entails and giving you some immediate feedback and thoughts as we go.

We then work through the technical and market potential of your idea to see if it has legs, and provide you with a report outlining our findings and an initial scoping document that you can take to other developers for costing (and of course we will provide a quote too).

How to give yourself the best chance to win:

Facebook ... Like our Creative Intersection Facebook page for a chance to win
Facebook ...  Like our competition post for another chance to win

Twitter ... Retweet the link to this blog post and mention us (@C_Intersection) for a chance to win

Best of all, the scoping project prize is transferable ... so if you have an idea just get your mates or followers to Like or Retweet ... and if your friends win the prize but don't have their own cool app idea to get off their chest then they can give the prize to you.

So, if you - or a friend - have an idea and you'd like to flesh out and see if it's a go-er, do your thing!

When will we draw this cool prize?

We will draw the prize on 1st January 2016 and will announce it via Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.

Update 1/1/16:  We have had such a great response that we have decided to extend the competition until 11:59pm on Sunday 3rd January 2016. Enter before then and we will include you in the draw.

Note:  Unfortunately this competition is for Aussie residents only so although anyone can enter if you are not in Australia then if you win you will have to give your prize to someone who is an Australian resident.

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