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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Apple App Store Price Rises for Australia October 2015

Along with the rest of the developer community, we have been notified this morning of price rises happening to apps and subscriptions in the Australian Apple App Store (as well as Indonesia and Sweden).

These price rises take effect in the next 36 hours and are due to exchange rates and actually offer a good opportunity for Australian developers to earn higher royalties than before, particularly if their main income base is in Australia (the current exchange rate takes care of the rest of the world for us).

For example, Australian Developers will now receive $0.95 for a Tier 1 app which is charged at $1.49 (Aussie Dollars). The below table shows this (remember, Aussie devs pay GST so Apple's actual commission is still 30% but the remainder - the developer's royalty - then has GST taken out before Apple transfers to our banks in Australia).

Updated Apple App Store Pricing for Australia, commencing Mid October 2015