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Thursday, September 25, 2014

iOS 8.0.1 Update is Breaking Phones and Hearts

The latest update to Apple's mobile Operating System (iOS 8.0.1) seems to have been a bit of a disaster for the Cupertino-based fruit vendor.

In fairness, all software (and an Operating System is just very complicated software after all) can have unpredicted bugs and unwanted behaviour, and therefore all updates can suffer the same likelihood of things going a bit awry.

On rare occasions and for some users, the cure for fixing a number of issues with the original iOS 8 version was worse than the disease itself.

Within a few hours, Apple pulled the update from their servers due to "an issue" and said that they were "actively investigating" reports of users having problems.

Some of the problems include network issues whereby the iPhone ceases to be able to access the mobile carrier - effectively turning their phone into an expensive iPod. Not cool!

We're sure Apple will work this out and have an iOS 8.0.2 update ready to roll out in the coming days.

If you were one of the poor unfortunate souls who immediately updated from iOS 8.0.0 to 8.0.1 (the "more broken" version), here's a guide from our friends at iMore to help you revert back to 8.0.0.

Some iOS users are unhappy with the latest update (iOS 8.0.1) - pic courtesy of mactrast.com