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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Creative Intersection Announces Passbook Pass Service

In keeping with our tradition of staying at the forefront of technology, and providing reasonably-priced solutions for all businesses wanting to improve their customer engagement and retention - we're proud to announce that we have started providing customised Apple Passbook Passes to Australian (and international) businesses of all sizes.

Passbook Passes are clever little things that can be easily saved to an iPhone user's device to provide paperless replacements for vouchers, membership cards, boarding passes, tickets, and other barcoded materials.

The passes can even be time and location-aware. For example, if your shop offers a discount on a certain day, your customer's phone can let them know when they're in the neighbourhood at that time ... to remind them to drop in for their special offer.

Passes can even be connected to servers and apps to allow for live updating and personalisation (how many more coffees before you can claim your free 10th coffee ?).

Check out our website for a little more information about Apple Passbook Passes for Australian businesses and to download our (free) example pass.

Apple Passbook Passes - Customer Loyalty Improved! (original photo: courtesy Techcrunch)